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"Stacked is a must for anyone involved in property"

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"Having successfully used Stacked to analyse deals, present the information to potential investors and then on to secure that investment I can fully recommend Stacked to anyone who is in the property arena. Stacked acts like a second pair of eyes, assessing the numbers and easily showing me when a deal is viable or not helping to reduce the time spent on deals that don’t work. The support from Stacked is also another huge benefit and they are always happy to listen to suggestions and recommendations for improvements to the platform that enhances the users experience."

Ruth Hunter on Trustpilot

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"I really like Stacked, especially the new features of interfacing with investors and funding institutions, cheers Alan."

Alan Edwards on Trustpilot

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"Stacked is a must for anyone involved in property. The system gives you the tools you need to keep on top of your portfolio. Understanding the numbers in your business is essential to ensure you have a profitable business and now there is no need for excel spreadsheets that are clunky and formulas that don’t work. With stacked you can share the information with your professional and financial team to ensure everyone has the latest information and even apply for funding. What more could you ask for in a system."

Kal Kandola on Trustpilot

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"This is great for managing our properties. I’ve found it so easy to use and it’s perfect for putting everything in one place."

Gina Moffat on Trustpilot

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"I have found Stacked to be an exceptional platform providing systemised analysis of property deals I am assessing through to creating information packs to share with interested parties. The platform is also a great tool for assessing my funding and managing other important portfolio aspects. The system has provided streamlined management of these aspects of my portfolio and made it faster and simpler to transfer or report on data with JV partners and in respect of delegation to my team. Highly recommended."

Howard Bowes on Trustpilot

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"Stacked is a fantastic tool for investors, a great way to keep all your important information nice and clean in one place."

Shack Baker on Trustpilot

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"Stacked takes the hassle out of having to use multiple spreadsheets for each property to contain all your information on a property from purchase to lettings and the multiple calendar entries to put in reminders to have compliances and insurances renewed etc, so you won’t ever miss another deadline/renewal date, plus the workflows keep all team members on track with where you are on a task. This software is truly remarkable keeping all aspects of your property portfolio together in one place."

Loreen Brown on Trustpilot

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"I have tried out several softwares to improve my property investment business efficiency and Stacked is the best of the bunch. It really helps that it is run by Charlie who is an investor himself and who has walked tge walk as well as talking tge talk - and is more than happy to act on subscribers' requests for new features."

Nick Everest on Trustpilot

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"I have used the Stacked platform a few times and been really impressed with the functionality. Added to this, I have had multiple interactions with the founder, Charlie Tarr. He has been incredibly helpful and always on hand to help if I require assistance with the platform, including having a call with me at 7am in the morning whilst I was live stacking a deal and needed assistance. Great product, even better service!!"

Gareth Thomas on Trustpilot

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"Stacked is TRANSFORMING my property business - it literally dissolves away HOURS of work with the click of a button. Analysing, presenting deals with ease, and now the new functions of keeping contact with your power team all in ONE PLACE - literally saves my sanity! Thank you!!"

Andy Grigg on Trustpilot

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"Brilliant one stop shop for property investing and development. Has an array of tools combined which enables you to have everything in one place with regards property administration and management, deal stacking, investor presentation of deals and workflow management with your team! It’s what we have been waiting for! The response to any issues, questions or suggested improvements is almost immediate- really unique. Looking forward to many happy years working with this platform and team"

Kirsty Sayers on Trustpilot

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"What an Amazing Find, love the software, easy peasy to use and full of functionality, this bit of kit saves me tonnes of time, when you review lots of sites and properties it's hard to keep track. If you're that person then check this out as Stacked keeps everything in one place for quick review.. oh and customer service is AMAZING"

James Mortimer on Trustpilot

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"Great product here! Looking for a report to help stack your numbers? This tool has proved very invaluable, easy to understand and void of any complexities. Most importantly, the care shown by the people at Stacked is extra ordinary."

Akin Ogunribido on Trustpilot

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"Makes the process of stacking the numbers a step by step system for every strategy"

Benjamin Allan on Trustpilot

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"STACKED is an excellent platform to crucially stack deals properly, helping with an impressive spectrum of feasibility scenarios such as: purchase and fit out costs; cost of finance; comparable properties….. Furthermore, the easy to use software can readily help to stay focused on any existing property or indeed a portfolio properties. This is all topped off with the support, which is second to none! Would certainly recommend STACKED to anyone!"

Dominic Ormonroyd on Trustpilot

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"Amazing and Inspring Business and Team. What can I say about Charlie and the Stacked team that hasn't already been said. Charlie and Meghan are amazing individuals who act with complete integrity and honesty you cannot help but like them. They have created a safe, welcoming and fun community that not only supports but also inspires property investors and helps them raise their game. Stacked has evolved beyond my expectations and continues to provide not only logical solutions to simple and also complex problems but also opens up opportunities for investors and developers alike. I cannot speak highly enough of what they have created here at Stacked. I am thoroughly enjoying being part of this community and hope to be able contribute to its continued success in any way I can."

Damian McShane on Trustpilot

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