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From stacking deals and raising finance, to managing your portfolio and communicating with your power team, Stacked is packed with features you will love. Click around below to see what it looks like, how it works, and how it can help you.

Automated due diligence

Due diligence is an essential part of appraising and ultimately buying any property or piece of land. Through our integrations with Property Data, Google Maps, Land Registry, the energy performance certificate database and others, Stack helps to automate your due diligence. This functionality saves you time and helps you to make more informed investment decisions.

Simplified deal stacking

Stacked simplifies the process of stacking deals, across a wide variety of creative strategies, so you can enjoy greater confidence when appraising deals. Say goodbye to temperamental spreadsheets and fiddly formulas, it's time unlock hidden value and embrace a consistent approach to stacking deals.

"Having successfully used Stacked to analyse deals, present the information to potential investors and then on to secure that investment I can fully recommend Stacked to anyone who is in the property arena. Stacked acts like a second pair of eyes, assessing the numbers and easily showing me when a deal is viable or not helping to reduce the time spent on deals that don’t work. The support from Stacked is also another huge benefit and they are always happy to listen to suggestions and recommendations for improvements to the platform that enhances the users experience."

Ruth Hunter on Trustpilot

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Raising public finance

Raising public finance, in the form of mortgages and bridging loans, is an essential part of sustainably growing your property portfolio. By packaging up all the relevant information about new properties you're planning to buy, along with all the relevant information about your existing portfolio, you can enjoy a seamless fundraising experience. By running mortgage and bridging loan applications through Stacked to your preferred brokers and lenders, you can avoid extensive questionnaires and fact finds.

Raising private finance

Raising private finance, in the form of debt or equity, is an essential part of sustainably growing your property portfolio. By creating investment opportunities and automatically generating gold standard investor packs on Stacked, you can automate the process of raising private finance. You can share investment opportunities with private investors in your network. In due course, you will also be able to publish these opportunities, so they can be reviewed by our growing community of private investors.

"Stacked is TRANSFORMING my property business - it literally dissolves away HOURS of work with the click of a button. Analysing, presenting deals with ease, and now the new functions of keeping contact with your power team all in ONE PLACE - literally saves my sanity! Thank you!!"

Andy Grigg on Trustpilot

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Portfolio management

As your portfolio grows, you will have more properties, tenancies and team members to manage. The good news, is that in addition to buying new properties, you can also manage all your existing properties on Stacked.

Workflow management

A lot of work goes into building and scaling a property investment business. With Stacked, you can benefit from having everything ... and everyone ... in one place. Use workflows to progress essential tasks with your team members and members of your extended power team. Use our calendar, notification system and high level reports to work ON, rather than IN your business.

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