Introducing automated rent collection

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Charlie Tarr

10 Jul 2023

Introducing automated rent collection

You can now manage your existing portfolio more effectively on Stacked, by specifying the recurring payment day for your tenancies and allowing our property management software to automatically generate invoices and update your rent statements.


As the size of your portfolio increases, the job of ensuring all your tenants pay their rent on time, becomes more time-consuming.

It’s easy to miss things and unintentionally allow arrears to build up, which, once accrued, can be difficult to clear.


You can now specify a recurring payment day for all your tenancies on Stacked, so you know when payments are due.

In the interests of making your property investment business, as scaleable as possible, it’s a good to idea to standardise this recurring payment day across all your tenancies.

In this way, you and your tenants only have to remember one day each month.

Specify the recurring payment day for your tenancy

Once you have specified the recurring payment day, invoices will be automatically generated for you each month and the relevant rent statements will be updated accordingly.

Rent statements will be automatically updated


By specifying a recurring payment day for all your tenancies and allowing Stacked to automatically generate invoices for you each month, your rent collection process will be far more automated, allowing you to focus your efforts on higher value tasks, such as adding more properties to your growing portfolio.

Stay tuned for further announcements, as we work to continuously improve our property investment platform for you.

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