Simplified deal flows

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Charlie Tarr

09 Dec 2022

Simplified deal flows

Stacking deals on our platform has never been easier, thanks to our simplified deal flows.

We appreciate that a lot of property developers have systems in place (normally spreadsheets), which they are comfortable with and confident in.

Obviously, when stacking deals it is essential to have a very solid grasp on the numbers and returns involved. It’s also important to have a clear understanding of how the deal will be structured and delivered.

We have recognised that for some of our customers, the deal stacking process on our platform has not been sufficiently clear, simple and user friendly.

As part of our mission to continuously improve the platform and support your wealth building efforts, we have today released the following improvements to our deal stacking flows.

Deal timeline

We have introduced a visual timeline for each deal you are stacking and placed this at the top of the page.

Deal timeline

This provides context to your deal and lets you see key milestone events, plotted on a timeline.

Depending on the type of your stacking, the timeline will highlight when you will:

  • Start the conveyancing process
  • Start the renovation process
  • Complete the sale / refinance process

Depending on the type of deal you are stacking, each of these items may take more or less time. You have flexibility and control over where each item appears on the timeline.

Deal types and phases

Currently on Stacked, there are four deal types, which you can select when stacking a deal.

Single let

This is for deals where you’re buying / developing a single property and renting it to a single family.

HMO (house in multiple occupation)

This is for deals where you’re buying / developing a single property and renting it a group of tenants, who will be sharing the property.


This is for deals where you’re buying / developing a single property and then selling it.

Multi dwelling

This is for deals where you’re buying one property or piece of land and creating multiple dwellings.

This deal type is very flexible and expressive. It allows you to stack the following types of deals:

  • Buying a piece of land and building a number of new homes
  • Converting a freehold block into multiple leasehold flats
  • Converting a commercial building into a combination of commercial and residential units
  • Structuring a deal, in which you sell some dwellings and refinance / retain others.

Each of these deal types, now have their own set of phases, which allows the deal stacking process to flow more intuitively.

Each phase includes a subset of sections, which allow to think about each key part of the deal in a very focused way.

For example, we’ve applied the following phases and sections to a single let deal:

Phase 1 — Buy and renovate

  • Purchase
  • Renovate
  • Finance

Phase 2 — Rent

  • Returns (before refinance)

Phase 3 — Refinance

  • Refinance
  • Returns (after refinance)
Single let phases


We hope that you find these improvements valuable.

By having a clear visual understanding of the deal’s timeline and phases, we hope you will enjoy greater comfort and confidence when stacking deals on our platform.

There is plenty more to come, so stay tuned for further announcements.

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