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Charlie Tarr avatar. Founder and CEO of Stacked.

Charlie Tarr

09 Nov 2023

Yesterday, we deployed a series of platform improvements, to simplify the process of conducting your due diligence and stacking deals, using a variety of creative strategies.

Today, we've made it easier for you to raise the public and private money you need, to acquire and develop more properties.

When you find a good deal, which stacks up and meets your target criteria, it's essential that you move quickly, to secure the property.

With this 'need for speed' in mind, you will now see a call to action, directly beneath the summary of every deal you stack.

When you click on the button to Raise money and secure this property, you will be taken directly to a fundraising page, from which you can: 

  • Start a new bridging loan application, with your preferred broker or lender 
  • Start a new mortgage application, with your preferred broker or lender 
  • Create and share an investment opportunity, with your network of private investors


Speed of analysis and execution, is the name of the game. In this regard, Stacked has you covered. 

We hope you find these platform improvements useful. 

Stay tuned for further announcements, in the coming days. 

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