Portfolio performance insights

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Charlie Tarr

29 Jun 2023

Portfolio performance insights

Following our latest round of platform improvements, you can now benefit from greater insights, into how your portfolio is performing and identify opportunities for improvement.

For each property in your portfolio, you can now see the following pieces of relevant information:

  • Purchase date
  • Purchase price
  • Current value
  • Mortgage balance
  • Equity
  • Loan to value
  • Monthly mortgage payment
  • Monthly bills (excluding mortgage payments)
  • Cash flow
  • Return on equity
Key performance metrics for an owned property

These key performance metrics are compiled for you automatically, based on the information you have supplied when setting up your property e.g. when setting up your tenancies, mortgage accounts and monthly operating costs.

Setting up your monthly operating expenses


Without realising it, you may have properties in your portfolio, which are either producing very little income, by way of monthly cash flow or a very low return on equity, which could be improved by releasing some equity from the property, to be used in other deals that produce higher returns.

Whilst you may be tuned into this information when you first set up your property, you may gradually lose touch with how your properties are performing on account of:

  • Changes to mortgage interest rates
  • Changes to occupancy rates and gross rents
  • Changes to your monthly operating costs e.g. a rise in energy costs


By utilising the new insights that we have built into Stacked and reviewing your portfolio on a regular basis, you can pro-actively identify both opportunities and threats, and respond accordingly.

For example, you may look at options for:

  • Reducing your monthly operating costs e.g. by switching energy supplier
  • Increasing your monthly cash flow by putting your rents up
  • Remortgage or sell a property to release the equity, so you can generate a better return elsewhere

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