A simpler process for buying new properties

Charlie Tarr avatar. Founder and CEO of Stacked.

Charlie Tarr

08 Nov 2023

We have just shipped a series of improvements, which will make it easier for you to buy new properties on Stacked.

The key improvement, which we have made, is to simplify the 'new property' page, so that the relevant property information and associated action steps are organised, in a way that is simpler and more user friendly.

Firstly, we have included a table at the top of the page, from which you can easily click to review the original property listing and information about the surrounding area on Google Maps.

Immediately beneath this, you have the option to stack deals and raise money.

You can stack deals, using a broad range of creative strategies, in order to assess your potential returns.

When you're ready, you can also raise the public and private money you need, to purchase and develop this property.

When it comes to raising public money, you can run mortgage and bridging loan applications, through to your preferred broker or lender.

When it comes to raising private money, you can create and share investment opportunities, with your network of private investors.

We then have a dedicated section to help you conduct your due diligence.

We use our integrations with PropertyData, the Land Registry and various other platforms, to automate this process for you.

In time, we are planning to add more integrations and automations, to further simplify this process for you.

Finally, we have a section for your applications and workflows, which you can use to communicate with your team and preferred partners, in order to progress essential tasks, such as property research, working through the conveyancing process and organising buildings insurance. 

We hope you find this these simplifications useful, when you are assessing the suitability of new investments on Stacked. 

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