Deal stacking improvements (part 1)

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Charlie Tarr

09 Dec 2022

Deal stacking improvements (part 1)

Stacking deals on our platform just got a whole lot easier and more user friendly.

Thanks to Ruth Hunter and Chris Sheerin, for providing feedback and suggested improvements, which relate to our platform’s deal stacking capabilities.

This feedback comes as part of the great work that Daniel Torres and Gareth Alexander are doing, in relation to their pitch room concept called PiRo, which Stacked is proud to be associated with.

Our engineering team is working to delivering a raft of platform improvements and new features, to support your wealth building and fundraising efforts.

We are taking an incremental approach, in which we will release updates on a regular basis, as part of our high velocity development lifecycle.

This product release includes the following improvements.

Simplified mortgage and bridging products

We have removed the following fields, as they were causing confusion and making the process of adding new finance products unnecessarily time consuming:

  • Min term
  • Max term
  • Min loan
  • Max loan
  • Link to product

We have also added more contextual links to the deal stacking pages, so it is easier for you to add or edit finance products, which you’re planning to use.

Easier access to templates

Once configured to suit your needs, the deal stacking templates on Stacked will save you loads of time.

To make it easier for you to add or edit templates, we have added more contextual links to the relevant deal stacking pages, so you access the information you want, when you want it.

Monthly expenses during and after development

Until now, the monthly expenses during and after the development phase have been managed in one form on Stacked.

This has caused confusion and reduced clarity on your essential numbers when stacking deals.

We have now split this into separate sections and itemised them, in way that is clearer and allows the deal stacking process to flow better.

This will give you greater clarity on your carrying costs. These are the expenses you will incur during the development phase, prior to renting or selling the property.


We hope you find these improvements useful.

Stay tuned for announcements on further improvements, which our engineers are actively working on.

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