Introducing account currency

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Charlie Tarr

14 Jun 2023

Introducing account currency

In order to support the international growth of your property investment businesses, you can now select the currency, which should be applied to your account.

Having done so, you will be able to stack deals, create investment opportunities and manage your growing portfolio in your preferred currency.


We have a number of customers who are buying properties and building their portfolios, outside of the UK.

In particular, we have a number of customers who are actively investing in the Republic of Ireland and therefore working in Euro rather than GBP.

In time, we also plan to expand into other parts of Europe and North America, which is something this new functionality sets the stage for.


You can now set your preferred currency by visiting your account page on Stacked.

Account page on Stacked
Selecting your preferred currency

Once you have updated your currency, you will notice that this is reflected in all the relevant parts of Stacked e.g. when stacking a deal.

Deal summary page now displaying EUR, rather than GBP


We hope you find this new functionality valuable.

Please stay tuned for further announcements, as we are committed to continuously improving the platform, so we can best support your wealth building efforts.

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