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Charlie Tarr avatar. Founder and CEO of Stacked.

Charlie Tarr

03 Nov 2023

Following our announcement last week, that Stacked is now a FREE platform, we have seen a significant increase, in the number of property developers signing up for an account and engaging with the platform.

Naturally, this is very exciting but it also presents a significant challenge, when it comes to delivering exceptional value and customer service.

This challenge is compounded by the fact that we are not just serving property developer customers, but a number of different customers types, such as mortgage brokers and private investors etc. 

In order to meet this challenge, we have launched a new help website today.

Right now, the number of helpful articles on the website, is very low.

Over the course of time however, this will steadily increase, as our team creates new articles, in response to the customer support requests that we receive. 

In this way, we can leverage the power of our growing community, to provide on-demand answers, to the questions, which are being asked most often.

If, as will most likely be the case for a little while, you are unable to find the answer you are looking for, please send an email to [email protected].

When sending emails, please include a clear description of the issue, which you are facing, along with any relevant screenshots.

Our customer support team will create a new article, which will unblock your issue and allow other customers, who encounter the same issue in the future, to benefit from having access to an on-demand solution.

Thank You for placing your faith in Stacked and for the role you are playing, in ensuring that your fellow community members, have access to all the support they need.

Have questions? Email [email protected]

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