Rent statement improvements

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Charlie Tarr

06 Jun 2023

Rent statement improvements

As part of commitment to continuously improving and adding more value to Stacked, you can now enjoy a superior user experience when tracking rent invoices and payments.

A key part of managing your portfolio, revolves around collecting rents and staying on top of any arrears that accrue. Doing so, not only ensures that your monthly cash flow remains healthy, it also allows for finance applications to run more smoothly, as you can evidence that all your rents are paid in full and on time.

By managing your entire portfolio on Stacked, you can store and easily refer to relevant information about:

  • All the properties you own
  • Each of the tenancies, which you’re responsible for managing, neatly organised by property
  • All the tenants and guarantors associated with each tenancy
  • All the historical payments and receipts, as well as upcoming payments, which are due
Select invoice or payment

As you add more invoices and payments, you will see a chronological list of transactions, organised into a concise rent statement, which you and your team can refer to any time.

Rent statement example

As part of the all-in-one solution that Stacked offers, you can manage your growing portfolio and team, as your business scales.

This is just one of many platform improvements, which our engineering team is currently working on.

Stay tuned for more announcements over the coming weeks and months.

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